Nokia.. Fail! وتستمر إخفاقات نوكيا

The Finnish company  issued an apology after releasing their new ad for the New Nokia Lumia 920 showing the stabilization (OIS), with a man and a girl riding bikes and recording a video to show the new capability of the new phone & PureView Technology.

A tech site called “The Verge” noticed a reflection while checking the new ad showing that the footage wasn’t shot on a Lumia 920, but a regular camera inside a van.

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The Amazing Nokia Elevator مصعد نوكيا لوميا الجديد

We all love Nokia for some reason at least i do, now as we all know they are marketing for their new smartphone Nokia Lumia, in Russia marketing takes a different turn with this elevator idea you are about to see. i really love such clever ideas, good job Nokia *Thumps Up* hope the device is actually as good!