Nokia.. Fail! وتستمر إخفاقات نوكيا

The Finnish company  issued an apology after releasing their new ad for the New Nokia Lumia 920 showing the stabilization (OIS), with a man and a girl riding bikes and recording a video to show the new capability of the new phone & PureView Technology.

A tech site called “The Verge” noticed a reflection while checking the new ad showing that the footage wasn’t shot on a Lumia 920, but a regular camera inside a van.

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Wait! Dont Buy This Stuff! لا تشتري هذه الاغراض الان

Do not buy any of these stuff just yet, the wise will wait and not buy any of these electronics like TVs, Home theater, iPhone, Laptops or DSLR said Brian Lam the owner of The Wirecutter site. but why?


Why? The new one only a few months away! If you think about it, the current model is only a variant on a design that is nearly 2 years old at this point. What’s another 5-6 months?

TVs, Home theater etc.

Wait until when? Mid Year 2012 Why? The 2012 TV lineups should all be reviewed by mid year. Wait until May if you can to see what Samsung’s Plasmas are like. For now, the Panasonic ST50 is better than last year’s bests, at the price of last year’s middle ground. The same kind of goes for blu-ray players and receivers, which haven’t been reviewed yet in 2012.


Wait until when? Windows 8 (Fall 2012) and Ivy Bridge (Late Spring 2012) Why? Intel’s new chipset, Ivy Bridge, is going to be more efficient, faster and have better onboard graphics capabilities. Here is everything you need to know about this, and then some.

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