Elevation Burger Restaurant مطعم ايليفيشن برجر

The other day i thought about trying Elevation Burger restaurant in The Avenues since all my burger buddies recommended it, firstly i got lost searching for the place, they really need to do something about it like reopening somewhere else or have another branch, anyway lets talk burger now, the burger was really something else with its special taste but it was kind of small, the cheesy fries is another thing (Loved it), another good thing are the prices they were very satisfying.

The food was really great but what ruined the moment for me is that the place was really packed with people and having to wait in that long queue & again to find a table aaghhh, they should really consider opening in another area & expanding, and with  no decoration whatsoever the place makes you feel like your in a regular restaurant.

The chances of me going to that place again are 60% only because of where it is located in the mall + no decoration of any kind.

Rate: 7.5/10

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